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When you or family members have been injured as a result of the negligence of another you are suddenly faced with issues that you have not previously experienced.  How you are going to deal with these problems?
Contact my office for a free initial consultation.  Let me provide a solution that is tailored to your situation. Call me today at (972) 774-9000 to set up an appointment to look over your case or legal matter.  It could be the best legal decision you will ever make.
Guy Smith is an experienced attorney that cares about you and assisting in resolving your legal problem or situation.  Do you want an attorney whose priority is to "hammer" the opposition, or do you want an attorney whose priority is to make sure that the best possible solution and recovery is obtained for your case?

Mr. Smith has  over 30 years' experience assisting individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of another and working with business and their owner in resolving their legal issues.  Your case will be personally handled by Mr. Smith.
When a loved one dies, with or without a Last Will and Testament ("Will"), the process of transferring the property of the estate to the heirs can be confusing and time consuming.  Mr. Smith can successfully guide clients through the probate process
Mr. Smith represents businesses and their owners in all manner of situations, from creation to conclusion, including all matters in between. If the Court House is the only solution, Mr. Smith is prepared to file a lawsuit and pursue it to conclusion..
The process of buying and selling real property can be very confusion.  Mr. Smith has experience in all aspects of a residential or commercial transaction, including leasing, and can successfully navigate a client through the process.

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